• To foster excellence in education through the development of standards for assessing educational effectiveness in natural health care,

• To elevate the concept of innovative educational methods on a worldwide basis by promoting understanding of, and involvement in, innovative educational alternatives,

• To oversee the educational effectiveness of naturopathic learning institutions worldwide, by setting and maintaining high academic standards for correspondent and off-campus educational programs,

• To ascertain instructional quality within member institutions,

• To implement and maintain a system of self evaluation for adherence to standards for all member institutions,

• To assure all interested parties that an institution has clearly defined, appropriate and attainable objectives,

• To assist and enforce in the accomplishment of each member institution objectives,

• To act as a resource for proper program planning assistance,

• To set admissions standards commensurate with public expectations and needs,

• To answer student questions and address complaints regarding member institutions,

• To foster an attitude of cooperation and involvement in worldwide education, and therefore to serve as an idea forum for member institutions, the public, and governing agencies,

• To ensure truth in advertising and accurate presentation of each member institution's educational capabilities, and resources. 

​​The American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board (ANMAB), formerly ANMCAB, was founded in 1978, and incorporated in Washington, D.C. This prestigious organization has recognized and met the need to promote and regulate naturopathic traditional and non-traditional education over a period of thirty-eight years. Through the process of review ANMAB adopted criteria and procedures for evaluating institutions and its programs. This system of review has worked for determining the qualities of sound educational programs, and ethical business practices, in all areas of natural health care. The organization’s Committee on Accreditation oversees all evaluations conducted by the investigative team, and grants final approval.

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