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The Accreditation procedures adopted have become the standard recognized by the majority of practitioners, and institutions in the Naturopathic profession. To become a recognized institution of learning, and to win approval of worthiness by ANMAB, an Institution has voluntarily submitted its programs to a thorough investigation by ANMAB. To insure quality in programming, the following entities underwent close scrutiny before accreditation was bestowed:

  • Curricula, Faculty,
  • Fiscal and administrative capacity,
  • Student support services,
  • Program length, tuition, and fees in relation to academic objectives and credit received,
  • Student achievement (job placement, certification examination, etc.),
  • Student complaints received by, or available to, the accreditor,
  • State Approved Licensing or Registration as an Educational Institution and Incorporation,
  • Credible recruiting, admissions practices, calendars, proper student records, catalogues, and other publications, grading practices, advertising and publicity.

For a complete list of those meeting the Standards, and have been granted Accreditation, please visit our
Accredited Program Page.

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