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The American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board (ANMAB),  promotes and regulates naturopathic traditional and non-traditional education, since 1978

Celebrating 45 Years of Success!

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Promoting and Protecting Naturopathy, an ANMA Podcast

We have a podcast that you might find interesting. The podcast was created to share more about the Naturopathic field and unite this profession. Be sure to listen to the podcast for the new series that will spotlight the exceptional ANMAB Accredited Schools. The aim is to showcase the unique features and strengths of each school, and to provide listeners with valuable insights into the world of naturopathic and natural health education. Each month a new episode on topics that will benefit you, the Naturopathic Professional. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a student, or just curious about Naturopathy, we welcome you to learn from us, professionals at ANMA, ANMAB, ANMCB and SCAHP.   LISTEN HERE 

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