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The Accreditation Standards and Procedures adopted have become the standard recognized by the majority of practitioners, and institutions in the Naturopathic profession. ANMAB has established a Standard of Accountability by which to evaluate institutions. These Standards are designed to optimize the quality of education offered by member institutions, and to provide students with the best possible training for their chosen natural health career path. The Standards address governance, resources, program of study, program effectiveness and accountability. The Commission’s responsibility is establishing the Standards of Accreditation to function as the framework of educational development.  The Standards are qualitative, covering areas of academic and administrative operations. Compliance with the standards forms the basis for accreditation decisions made by the Commission.


To become a recognized institution of learning, and to win approval of worthiness by ANMAB, an Institution has voluntarily submitted its programs to a thorough investigation by ANMAB. To insure quality in programming, the following entities underwent close scrutiny before accreditation was bestowed:

  • Complete Review of Curricula, Faculty,

  • Fiscal and administrative capacity,

  • Student support services,

  • Program length, tuition, and fees in relation to academic objectives and credit received,

  • Student achievement , ability to benefit through job placement, certification examination results,

  • Student complaints received by, or available to, the accreditor,

  • State Approved Licensing or Registration as an Educational Institution and Incorporation,

  • Credible recruiting, admissions practices, calendars, proper student records, catalogues, and other publications, grading practices, advertising and publicity.

For a complete list of those meeting the ANMAB Standards, and have been granted Accreditation, please visit our Accredited Program Page.




Can I get Certified after completing a program at an ANMAB approved school?

Yes! The American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB) offers certification for those individuals who have graduated from ANMAB's members. For a complete list of board certification natural health care categories and more information please visit their website at

When a school is Accredited what does that mean?

Accreditation for Naturopathic programs in the United States is an entirely "voluntary" process. Accreditation for an institution of learning represents a "validation" that the school programs have been thoroughly investigated and found worthy of recognition. This investigation is conducted by a qualified group of people familiar with the programs offered. The programs are also found to have also met financial stability.

Will the Accredited school have an educational counselors available to me?

All accredited schools are required to have educational counselors available by telephone, email, mail or for traditional schools they offer educational counselors in person.


What does Candidate Status mean?

Candidate Status is the classification that indicates that the school or program has met the Commission's Criteria for Candidacy and is progressing toward full accreditation.
For a complete list of those meeting the Standards, and have been granted Accreditation, please visit our Accredited Program Page.

Are Naturopathic scholarships available?

Yes, the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA) offers an annual Scholarship. You must currently be enrolled and in good standing in an approved ANMAB Accredited Naturopathic Program. For more details visit - . 

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